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Risk Management

At R.P.P Infra, ‘risk’ is viewed as either external or internal events that may at some point of time exploit the weaknesses in the company’s current processes, procedures and systems, impacting objectives and financials.

We employ a series of governance and activity-level controls to ensure that the financial statements are
free from material misstatements.


Industry risk

Demand is dependent on general economic conditions. A downturn can adversely affect the company’s business and earnings.

With changing government policies, we try our best to bag projects locally as well as regionally.


Strategy risk

A prudent operational strategy is necessary for long-term sustainability.

To ensure long-term sustainability, we have employed a techno-commercial coordinator for each project. We also adopt the best in class operating procedure and financial modelling skills.


Competition risk

Increasing competition can negatively impact market share and profitability.

Our solid presence in South India has helped us create robust brand equity, customer loyalty and generate repeat business. With our well-defined approach, we are looking at bagging larger ticket projects and create a stronger project pipeline.


Government policy risk

Uncertainties regarding government policies can significantly affect operations.

The residual risk is managed by seeking opportunities to control costs and diversify presence across geographies and sectors.


Operational risk

Staff attrition and non-availability of key personnel may affect the company’s operations. Volatility in the prices of critical raw materials also impact project profitability.

We mandate the highest adherence to safety standards to counter the impact arising from unforeseen incidents.